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At D&G Independent, our mortgage team can access the whole of the market to bring you the best possible deal. Our Mortgage Manager, Pete Chappell, explains what this means and how seeking a mortgage adviser could offer more benefits than heading to the high street when you next need a mortgage.


“When it comes to taking out a long-term secured loan, relying on a well-known high street lender might seem like a sensible option. However, many direct lenders only have a small portfolio of rather inflexible products, which can significantly limit your options. Essentially, you could miss out on a better deal and you certainly won’t receive a mortgage agreement tailored to your specific needs.


A direct lender is typically a bank or building society. Whilst these financial institutions rarely charge an arrangement fee, their products come with strict terms and there is little preference shown to existing customers; your bank or building society is still required to go through the same approval checks as everyone else. Whilst an initial interest rate on your mortgage might sound favourable, the standard terms after a promotional period may be significantly higher, so it’s important you don’t get too excited about headline interest rates.


With a mortgage adviser – also known as a mortgage broker – you will be able to compare products from the whole of the market. In simple terms, your broker will, on your behalf, look at products offered by a vast range of lenders who typically offer finance to people in your situation. For example, if you have an excellent credit rating, there will be lots of lenders willing to offer you a competitive mortgage deal. If, on the other hand, your credit score is less than perfect, a mortgage broker will look at deals offered by specialist finance providers who are more likely to accept your application despite your riskier credit profile.


Unlike many banks and building societies, whole of market mortgage advisers will take the time to listen to your needs and understand your personal circumstances. Like us, many do not charge an upfront fee – at D&G Independent, fees are charged on completion of the mortgage transaction – and any advice offered before completion is completely impartial.


As well as accessing products offered by traditional lenders and specialist finance providers, we can compare exclusive broker-only deals. And whilst a fee is charged for arranging your mortgage, you could get a very competitive, long-term deal, as mortgage advisers will review the cost over the lifetime of the arrangement.


If you are seeking a mortgage for a new property, a buy-to-let or re-mortgage on an existing arrangement, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation. We can discuss your financial situation to help you secure the perfect arrangement so you can get on with your plans with ease



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